Graduate Students

MS Thesis Supervision


  • Abdulrahman Saggaf: Reliability Evaluation of Microgrids Based on Markov Models and Power Flow Analysis


  • Asad Bizrah: The Impact of Wind Speed Modeling on The Reliability of Microgrids.

  • Maad Al-Owaifeer: An Optimization Technique for Smart Self-Healing Microgrids.

  • Hussein Abdellatif: Hybrid Distributed Generation System (HDGS) Modelling for Smart Self-Healing Electric Microgrids


  • Nemer Amleh: Impacts of Energy Storage and Smart Restoration on The Reliability of Electric Microgrid

  • Abass Yahaya: Optimal Design of Hybrid Renewable Energy System for Microgrid Reliability Enhancement


  • Md Pathan: Intelligent Smart Restoration Technique for Microgrids Graduated

  • Moheeb Alott: A Smart Restoration Technique for Multi-Microgrid Distribution Systems


  • Abdullah Alnujaimi: Reliability Assessment of Residential Distribution Power System Considering Cold Load Pickup Events


  • Ali Bu Jubarah: A MILP-Based Approach for Virtual Microgrid Restoration

  • Ahmed Alahmed: Integrated Energy Management System for Microgrids With Renewable Generation, Energy Storage and Controllable Loads

MS Thesis Committee Member


  • Xia Yuanhai, Robust Estimator in Modern Power System Networks


  • Yousef Alrasheedi, Multi-Machine Power System Stabilizer for A Local Industrial Plant


  • Shaik Imran, Market Integration of Wind Power: Impacts and Participation Strategies

  • Abdulrahman Aldeek, Evaluating Market-Based Investment in EV Aggregators and Energy Storage

  • Bilal Jehanzeb, Optimization of VAR Resources for Enhancement of Grid Compatibility of Distribution Generation.


  • Shakir Ahmed, Optimal Load Shedding in Presence of Renewable Sources: A Wind Study Case

  • Bandar Alsharif, The Influence of Loading and Voltage Supply Conditions LV Feeder on Harmonic Emission

  • Malek Habli, Optimal Design of a Distribution Transformer Using Artificial Intelligence Techniques

  • Kamran Zafar, Modern Transmission Expansion Planning Considering Renewable Resources


  • Ibrahem Hussein, A Novel Method for Detecting Eccentricity in Line Start Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors

  • Usama Bin Irshad, Efficient Islanding Detection Method for Inverter Based DG Systems

  • Babar Murtaza, Application of Active Filters for Power Quality Improvement in AC Distribution Networks

  • Ayyoub Al Hourani, Evaluation of Geomagnetically Induced Currents Effects on Power Transformers

  • Mustafa Alkhabbaz, Fault Location in Power Distribution Grids Using Phasor Measurement Units


  • Abdelhamed Mohamed, Characterization and Implementation of Battery Management System

  • Mohannad Al-Khraijah, Optimizations Model for Power Supply of Offshore Oil and Gas Platforms

  • Hamoud Dhahi, Wind Power Generation Expansion Planning Based on Capacity Credit Maximization

  • Jafar Mohamed, Management of A Virtual Power Plant Considering Network Constraints

  • Ayedh Al-Fardan, Impact of Saudi Energy Market Restructuring on Buildings’ Energy Consumption and Generation Prospects


  • Muiz Zaben, Design and Real-Time Implementation of An Adaptive Microgrid Protection Strategy